Yamaha UMAX red golf car
Yamaha UMAX red golf car
Yamaha UMAX red golf car
Type: NewStyle: 2-Passenger, Specialty Brand: YamahaYear: 2020
  • FUEL SYSTEM:Electronic fuel injection
  • ENGINE TYPE:Yamaha Built 402cc, Low Emission Single Cylinder 60deg Incline OHV
  • LUBRICATION SYSTEM:Splash-style positive oil lubrication
  • OIL CAPACITY:1.16 U.S. quart (1.1 liter, 1100cc), Yamalube 10W-30 liter
  • COOLING SYSTEM:Forced air
  • STARTING SYSTEM:Starter generator with pedal start system
  • MOTOR:48-volt AC
  • OUTPUT RATING:6.7 hp (5.0 kW FOR 60 minutes)
  • MOTOR CONTROL UNIT:NEOS 350 amp AC controller by Toyota Industries Corporation
  • BATTERIES:Standard: Eight 6-volt Trojan T-105 Batteries

Call and ask for Mike Sydnor at 832-448-5340

Financing also available .


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